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Best Foods for Increasing Low Testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone that is responsible for more than sex drive. This hormone is responsible for other things including muscle and bone health, hair growth, and sperm production. However, testosterone level can decrease with age or due to a chronic illness. When you have low male hormone level, you can lose interest in women, including the most beautiful las vegas asian massage you may have been used to hanging out with.

Nevertheless, low testosterone level is medically treatable. However, consuming a nutrient-dense, well-balanced diet can also increase low testosterone level. Here are some of the best foods for increasing low testosterone.


Tuna has high vitamin D level. This vitamin has been associated with increased testosterone production and longer life. It’s a protein-rich food with low calories. Eating fresh or canned tuna can lead to a healthy heart and increased testosterone levels.


You’ve probably heard that ginger improves men’s fertility. That’s why men that spend more time women tend to consume more of it. Well, this is true. Taking a ginger supplement every day for about three months can increase your testosterone level by up to 17.7%. Ginger enhances sperm health in different ways. In fact, research has shown that ginger increases both antioxidant and testosterone levels.

Low Fat Milk

Low fat milk is a source of calcium and protein. Women and children are encouraged to drink more milk to enhance bone health. However, the vitamin D in milk can help in boosting testosterone level in men. Nevertheless, drink skim versions or low fat milk with vitamin D.

Egg Yolks

Perhaps, you have heard that some people eat eggs before a sex session to enhance performance. Well, the idea behind this act is to increase the egg yolks intake. Egg yolk provides the body with vitamin D. However, egg white contains cholesterol which can lower testosterone level. But, if you don’t have a preexisting issue with cholesterol, eating one egg daily can be a safe way to boost cholesterol level.


Beans are a great source of zinc and vitamin D. Black, kidney and white beans are all great for boosting testosterone. Baked beans can also provide these nutrients. However, you may need other sources of zinc and vitamin D to boost testosterone. Nevertheless, beans provide plant-based proteins which are great even for your heart.

Other foods that increase low testosterone include beef, shellfish, oysters, leafy green vegetables, and onions. If you eat more of these foods, your low testosterone level will improve. This will give you confidence and ability to spend more time with your girlfriend or latina massage having sexual fun.

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