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Best Tips of Spiritual Sex

Some people do not care much about how they feel towards their sexual partners. However, establishing a connection with your lover is important insuring sexual satisfaction.  If your sex life is taking a downward trend, it is possible that both of you are not connected spiritually. Without a mutual understanding between sexual partners, you won’t feel bonded no matter how long you last between the sheets.

Here are the best tips of spiritual sex that will ignite sensual exploration between you and your partner:  

Get a Sacred Space for Sex

Get a spacious and relaxing bedroom for las vegas erotic massage. Get rid of unnecessary stuff in the bedroom to avoid distractions. A simple and less cluttered space will give you and your partner the freedom to focus on exploring your sensual desires without interruption.

Decorate Your Bedroom

If you love extravagance, place a rose quartz by the bed. This will bring a sense of romance in your bedroom. Regular clear quartz crystals are a unique and trendy. They highlight a feeling of connection and safety among partners. You can also get a vase of fresh roses for the same purpose.

Talk to the Senses of Each Other

Spiritual connection during sex requires engagement of the instincts and senses of your partner. This means spicing up sensual experiences of each other. It also helps intensify sexual experiences.

Share Memories

Although you and your partner might have a great relationship and sex life, taking a nostalgic twist can heat things up. Invoking shared experiences like wearing old scent and dressing the way you did during your first date will ignite fire in your relationship. This is crucial for better spiritual connection.

Share Feelings and Listen to Each Other  

Try to swap feelings by letting every partner express their sincere thoughts as often as they wish. While at it, listen to your partner carefully and show understanding. Proper balance in communication enhances acceptance and appreciation between partners.

Make Every Moment Count

Even outside the bedroom, show your partner that they are worth your time. Although it is important to give each other space, strive to appreciate shared moments. In fact, you can decide on the things that you should do before sex. These may include having a steamy bath together.

It’s generally up to you to decide how you will lead your sex life. Nevertheless, experiencing spiritual sex requires sincere connection and mutual understanding between partners.

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